Patients and Their Families

Thank you so much, Dr. Oberlender.  My family really appreciates your time and professional input.  You are truly the "Geriatric Whisperer"
to reach my mother.

V. Monique Cooper
Washington, DC

My husband and I discussed your complete evaluation and you really hit the nail on the head.  I thank you for the detailed evaluation and your kind manner in dealing with my dad.  It has helped both of us deal with him much better.  If it had not been for your evaluation, my husband and I would still not understand the reasons why he has such personality changes.

Pam Beason
Roanoke, VA

Thank you so much for the report on our mother. It was exactly what we were looking for. Your expertise and the evaluation will help all of us with the difficult decisions we have ahead of us and will add to our level of comfort in making choices for her. Your work is very special and much needed. I greatly appreciate what you do and am so glad you were able to do it for Mom.

Peggy H. Strauss
Richmond, VA

Thank you so much for the thorough job you did with our mother’s evaluation. I was very impressed with the clarity with which you communicated your findings to us as well as with your compassion and diplomacy on some sensitive issues. You have provided us with the clear and unbiased direction we needed to move forward with a plan that is in our mother’s best interest. I am not sure we would have gotten there with any confidence without you. You are providing a great service with tremendous readily recognizable value.

Timothy L. Flanagan, Esquire
Jacksonville, FL

Your evaluation and recommendations have made a big difference in my Mom's life--the work you do is so important! I thank you every day when I speak to her now.

Sally Steinhardt
Greenwich, CT

Thanks for being such an important part of my parents' life- changing situation. We were extremely pleased with your assessment!

Amy W. Elliott, LPC, LMFT
Roanoke, VA

“Thank you for devoting your training and time to us and for the precise directives you have afforded us.  We consider you an important source in my Mother's healthcare.   I am very optimistic now that future medical care will be in keeping with Mom's health needs.” 

Donna Taylor
Union Hall, VA

“For our part, we feel the money we spent for Dr. Oberlender’s evaluation are the best medical dollars we have ever spent.”

Drs. Jim and Alice Turner
Charlottesville, VA

Dr. Oberlender’s evaluation and assessment were extremely thorough and provided me with helpful guidance in dealing with my various healthcare providers. He identified some issues never before recognized by any of my providers. His report, which I then provided to my physicians, was extremely helpful in communicating those issues and working to deal with them.

I found Dr. Oberlender delightful. His manner and approach put me totally at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Oberlender’s services.

S. Del Low
Roanoke, VA

Whether adjusting our father's medications, advising us on his medical care, or simply visiting with our mother, Dr. Oberlender's professional skill and compassionate manner brought reassurance and comfort to the family during our father's illness. And the positive impact of a physician who makes house calls cannot be overemphasized!

Jan B. Garrett
Roanoke, VA

Dr. Oberlender helped me by doing a geriatric assessment on my 81 year old mother. He was competent, caring, and empathetic and made my mother feel very much at ease. He skillfully used a holistic approach to make sense out of diverse bits of information from various sources, including physicians and other professionals. I would highly recommend him to provide an overall assessment and comprehensive care plan for others to use in caring for their own elderly parents.

Christiana R. Maxwell, RN, BSN
Daleville, VA

Professional Colleagues

I am an elder law attorney and I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Dr. Gary Oberlender for a number of years. When providing legal services to an elderly clientele, mental capacity often becomes an issue, and Dr. Oberlender is a tremendously valuable resource for my clients when a careful evaluation of capacity is required. I have also at times retained his help to provide advice regarding the appropriateness of an incapacitated client’s living situation or medical care. I have found him to be consistently thorough, thoughtful, ethical, and honest. He is also a delightful person who truly cares about others. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Jeanne M. Hepler
Collins & Hepler, PLC
Covington, Virginia

I have known Dr. Oberlender for over 20 years. I have always been impressed by the depth and breadth of his medical knowledge, but more importantly by his ability to apply that knowledge to patients in a compassionate and common sense way. His evaluations are always thorough and complete and his recommendations are scientifically based but practical. He is a kind person who communicates well with both patients and their families.

Dr. Oberlender is honest, clear thinking, and very professional. I have sought and valued his opinion on a multitude of issues. He is my Geriatrician of choice for any questions that arise, not only for my patients but also for my family members.

John W. Pendleton, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Virginia Tech—Carilion School of Medicine
Roanoke, Virginia

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Oberlender in an intimate fashion at the Salem VA hospital. It was during this time that I became especially familiar with his work as a physician, leader, and person. His skills and abilities as a geriatric physician were excellent and beyond reproach. His interpersonal skills with patients, coworkers, and colleagues were unsurpassed and his communication skills similarly were superb. It was certainly a pleasure to work with him and I always found him facilitating, approachable, diligent, and responsive. His professionalism, integrity, honesty, and objectivity were hallmarks of his practice of medicine.

I trust that others may be able to experience the excellence that he can offer. It is with these thoughts that I unreservedly recommend and endorse Dr. Oberlender’s practice of geriatrics.

Vashist Nobbee, MD
Lewis Gale Physicians, LLC
Salem, VA

I am fortunate to have worked with Dr. Oberlender for 5 years on a Geriatric Unit. He took a holistic approach to healthcare by addressing our patients' medical needs and also meeting the nutritional requirements of this special population. Dr. Oberlender is a good listener who cared for the family as well as the patient.

Patricia H. Johnson, BSN, RN, RD
Roanoke, VA

I feel privileged to have worked closely with Dr. Oberlender in the treatment of many of his patients. I have always been struck by his warmth and compassion when interacting with patients and their families. Dr. Oberlender is keenly aware that a person’s state of wellness and quality of life is inclusive of their functional abilities, and his detailed evaluation of patients typically includes referral to other disciplines, such as physical therapy, in order to address functional limitations.

Those of us who have worked with Dr. Oberlender have been impressed with the breadth of his knowledge of the geriatric patient and his commitment to keeping up with current research in the field of geriatrics. I would highly recommend Dr. Oberlender to anyone!

Sandra S. Cothran, PT, GCS
Roanoke, VA


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