In-home Comprehensive Geriatric Evaluation

There are many issues we all may face as we age, such as memory problems, health issues, safety in the home, estate planning and long-term care, to name a few. Senior Evaluations provides you and your loved ones with a broad and comprehensive in-home assessment that looks into every aspect of an aging person’s day-to-day life. Then, you are presented with clear, practical and unbiased recommendations for optimal wellness and independence.

Senior Evaluations brings over 35 years of training and experience in medical care for seniors. Our evaluation and detailed recommendations are designed to complement and enhance the care you receive from your primary care provider.

Consultation requests to Senior Evaluations may be initiated directly from seniors themselves, family, caregivers or by the senior’s primary care provider.
Dr. Gary Oberlender

Why Request Our Services

  • Cognitive dysfunction including memory problems, disorientation, word finding difficulties, trouble recognizing familiar people, getting lost in familiar places
  • Judgment issues including management of money and other financial assets
  • A second opinion regarding a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
  • Guidance on managing difficult or agitated behaviors in advanced dementia
  • Recommendations to reduce the number of prescription drugs: “Mother takes so many pills but her doctor says she needs them all.”
  • Problems with impaired balance or recurrent falls
  • Recommendations for an effective multi-faceted treatment plan for depression or anxiety
  • Guidance on long-term care options or the optimal living environment
  • Guidance on managing advanced stage disease or end of life needs
  • A coordinated and comprehensive medical care plan: “Lots of specialists treating problems but no one is treating the whole patient”

Our Approach is Personalized and Unique

  • Every aspect of the evaluation is performed by Dr. Oberlender who identifies each senior’s individual care issues.
  • The entire evaluation takes place in the privacy and comfort of the senior’s home. This helps the client relax and be “at their best.” It also provides the opportunity to assess the client’s living environment and to make specific recommendations regarding their current and anticipated future needs.
  • Dr. Oberlender takes as much time as necessary to perform a thorough, personalized and truly comprehensive assessment and evaluation.
  • Dr. Oberlender personally presents the completed Senior Evaluations report to the senior and their family, explaining his findings and recommendations and answering all of your questions in language everyone can understand. The report will detail every aspect of the evaluation, assessment and recommendations. On request, the report will also be sent to the patient’s primary care provider along with a cover letter explaining the goals and purpose of the evaluation.
  • Services are available throughout Virginia and North Carolina.
"For our part, we feel the money we spent for Dr. Oberlender’s evaluation are the best medical dollars we have ever spent."
Drs. Jim and Alice Turner • Charlottesville, VA
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